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Muslim Magomaev memorial day. The First Channel premiere of the movie Muslim Magomaev. Personally

On 25 October 2015, the 7th anniversary of Muslim Magomaevs departure, his friends and worshipers follow the tradition and meet to pay tribute to the memory of this great musician and composer.

Time Schedule:
12.30-13.30 meeting beside the Muslim Magomaev monument
(next to 16 Voznesensky sidestreet)
14.10 the First Channel premiere of documentary Muslim Magomaev. Personally.
The event at the monument of the great performer traditionally attracts hundreds of people and Muslim Magomaevs spouse, the Peoples Artist of the USSR Tamara Sinyavskaya, founders of the Muslim Magomaev Musical and Cultural Heritage Fund Aras and Emin Agalarov, Russian pop musicians and artists.
On the Memorial Day of the great musician the First Channel at 2.10 p.m. premieres the Documentary Muslim Magomaev. Personally, the result of several year work of Emin Agalarov (producer) and director Mekhti Mamedov. The script of the movie is based on the manuscript of Muslim Magomaev memoir.
A lot of movies have already been made about Muslim Magometovich Magomaev. But, having read the manuscript of his memoir, we had an idea to make a movie on the basis of it. Together with my friend director Mekhti Mamedov we decided to get down to this difficult work. I am happy that this movie will be played on the First Channel on 25 October, the Memorial Day of this great musician, commented Emin Agalarov.
From the first day Emin was convinced that it was me who should make this movie. In the process of data analysis it became clear that a lot of movies and TV programs have been made about Muslim Magomaev. Most of them repeated each other, and from the very beginning it was important for us to make something new for a deeper revelation of a well-known hero to the audience, not only as an outstanding singer but also as a wise and fine fibre person, director of the movie Mekhti Mamedov.
The movie Muslim Magomaev. Personally is a documentary first person monologue that highlights not only music and biography experience of Magomaev but also a whole age of cultural life in the previous century. The first music lessons, struggle between personality and ideology, the first meeting with Tamara Sinyavskaya, reflections on life, creative works, current era, people and himself. We are used to the voice of Muslim Magomaev, and the movie also allows hearing and feeling of the voice of his soul.

Muslim Magomaev died 66 in October 2008. Magomaevs Concert repertoire included more than 600 pieces Russian romances, classic, pop and Neapolitan songs. He acted in movies Nizami, Muslim Magomaev Singing and Moscow in Notes.

Muslim Magomaevs popularity knew no boundaries: stadiums with thousands of people, endless tours around the Soviet Union, permanent TV appearances, and tours around leading opera theatres of the world. Records of his songs were produced in enormous number of copies. He is still a cult figure for several generations of people in Russia, Azerbaijan and abroad.

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Welcome to the website of the Muslim Magomaev Musical and Cultural Heritage Fund.

On the pages of this website you’ll be able to get acquainted with projects that are planned to be implemented by the Fund.

One of the key goals is to prepare and hold the International Contest for Vocal Singers named after M. Magomaev.

The starting point of this idea was M. Magomaev Memorial Evening held on 25 October 2009 on the stage of the most modern concert hall — Crocus City Hall built by his friend Aras Agalarov in the memory of Muslim.

The idea of this music project appeared absolutely naturally. There are many contests for vocal singers in the world but none of them combines participation of singers capable to perform both classical repertoire and modern pop music. This is what Muslim Magomaev successfully combined in his work.

On our website you will find information on the Contest, international jury and contestants.

If youd like to know better about Muslim Magometovich Magomaevs life and plunge into the creative world of this great Person, Performer, Singer, Composer and Artist, please go to www.magomaev.info.

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