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Muslim Magomaevs beloved ones paid tribute to the memory of the great artist near his Moscow monument

On 25 October 2014, the sixth anniversary of Muslim Magomaevs departure, his devoted friends and worshippers met beside the monument to the great singer and musician located at the crossroads of Voznesenskiy and Eliseevskiy sidestreets.
I am very pleased that the memory of Muslim is dealt with so reverently not only in his native land Azerbaijan, but also in Russia which he considered his second home, shared Tamara Sinyavskaya, the Peoples Artist of the USSR and the spouse of the artist, with people who gathered beside the monument. All of the time I hear how tenderly people speak about him and his creative works. I know that his memory is living. I am very grateful to everybody who remembers that Muslim is alive while we listen to his voice and music. I want to express a special gratitude to Aras Agalarov for his gigantic contribution into support of Muslims cultural heritage and for his help to Muslims Fund. Aras constructed a concert hall and named it after Muslim. Due to his initiative there is a Magomaevs monument in Moscow, between the Azerbaijan embassy and our house. Every day I look out of my window to this monument and I feel a great warmth, I feel that Muslim is near, he lives in our hearts.
Worshippers and fans of the great artists, as well as his close friend including Svetlana Morgunova, the Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation, Aras and Emin Agalarov, founders of the Muslim Magomaev Musical and Cultural Heritage Fund, M.D. Aliev, member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, N.T. Ionkina, general director of ItalTravel agency and many others.
Muslim Magomaev went down in the annals of music history, his popularity knew no boundaries: stadiums with thousands of people, endless tours around the Soviet Union, permanent TV appearances, and tours around leading opera theatres of the world. Records of his songs were produced in enormous number of copies. He is still a cult figure for several generations of people in Russia, Azerbaijan and abroad.
Muslim Magomaev died in October 2008 at the age of 66. Magomaevs concert repertoire included more than 600 pieces Russian romances, classic, pop and Neapolitan songs. He acted in movies Nizami, Muslim Magomaev Singing and Moscow in Notes.

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Welcome to the website of the Muslim Magomaev Musical and Cultural Heritage Fund.

On the pages of this website you’ll be able to get acquainted with projects that are planned to be implemented by the Fund.

One of the key goals is to prepare and hold the International Contest for Vocal Singers named after M. Magomaev.

The starting point of this idea was M. Magomaev Memorial Evening held on 25 October 2009 on the stage of the most modern concert hall — Crocus City Hall built by his friend Aras Agalarov in the memory of Muslim.

The idea of this music project appeared absolutely naturally. There are many contests for vocal singers in the world but none of them combines participation of singers capable to perform both classical repertoire and modern pop music. This is what Muslim Magomaev successfully combined in his work.

On our website you will find information on the Contest, international jury and contestants.

If youd like to know better about Muslim Magometovich Magomaevs life and plunge into the creative world of this great Person, Performer, Singer, Composer and Artist, please go to www.magomaev.info.

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