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Primary activities of the Fund

The purpose of the Fund is to commemorate Muslim Magometovich Magomaev.

Following its charter purpose the Fund’s activities are as follows:

  • Organization and conducting of M. Magomaev international vocalists contest;
  • Developing of awareness in the area of music;
  • Provision of support to gifted children and young musicians;
  • Organization and conducting of contests, concerts, festivals, road tours;
  • Organization and conducting training events;
  • Staging of theatre plays;
  • Production of movies and TV programs;
  • Development and implementation of design projects in the area of acting space, costumes, architecture, printwork;
  • Product of music and printing work;
  • Engagement of professional directors, producers, script writers and so on;
  • Charitable and social activities.

Социальные сети

Фонд культурно-музыкального наследия Муслима Магомаева, 2024

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