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Regulations of the III Muslim Magomaev International Vocalists Contest
The III Muslim Magomaev International Vocalists Contest is scheduled for 18th and 19th October 2014 at the stage of the Crocus City Hall located in pavilion 3 of building 2 of the Trade and Exhibition Center, 65-66th km of the Moscow Ring Road, Krasnogorsk town of the Moscow Area, Krasnogorsk-4 Post Office.

The Muslim Magomaev Contest (hereinafter “the Contest”) is a festival of vocalists capable of demonstrating their gifts, talent and skill of both classic and pop vocal performance. The Contest is open for professional singers, men and women from 20 to 35, alumni of specialized music education institutions. Potential participants should file application, video and documents specified in clause 1.1 hereof to the Organizing Committee.

Following the results of preliminary qualification the Organizing Committee selects up to 15 artists and invites them to take part in the Moscow Contest.

Leading principal opera singers, stars of popular music, music theatre conductors, generally recognized masters of pop art and mass culture from various countries and representatives of international production companies are invited to join the jury panel of the III Muslim Magomaev International Vocalists Contest.

The Contest consists of two rounds and has coverage on Russian and foreign TV/mass media.

The Contest is held at the stage of the Crocus City Hall with the support of a symphony orchestra. Every Contest performance must consist of live vocals and symphonic background. No sound records are allowed.

The Contest show is structured similarly to a concert with common stage direction and specifically designed stagecraft.

The Contest is a forum of musicians who represent various countries, styles and genres and share their experience and skill, discuss prospects for future development of vocal art.


Terms and Conditions of the Contest

1. Filing of Applications


1.1. Each participant should file the following documents to the Organizing Committee on or before 15 April 2014:

- application form filled in Russian or English on or before 15 April 2014 (see the form below);

- DVD video (formatted in AVI) of a couple of classic academic vocals and a couple of pop songs recorded on or after September 2013;

- photocopy of passport;

- photocopy of music arts diploma or certificate of student status;

- biographical background (up to 2000 symbols);

- photographs (electronic version: 300 dpi and 2 Mb at least).

1.2. The required documents and video specified in clause 1.1 hereof must be sent to the Organizing Committee by express mail delivery service only (DHL, Fed Ex, EMS etc.) to the following address: central reception of building 4 “the Crocus City Mall” of the Crocus City Trade and Exhibition Center, 65-66th km of the Moscow Ring Road, the Moscow Area, 143402.

1.3. The Contest participants are selected by an external contest committee.

1.4. Every eligible Contest participant obtains an invitation, specifying the date of arrival to the Contest, from the Organizing Committee on or before 15 June 2014.


2. The Contest Procedure.


2.1. Every eligible participant may have two orchestra supported rehearsals.

2.2. The Contest performance is public and orchestra supported. Every piece of music must be performed by heart on original language and in one round only.

2.3. Order of performance is determined the day before Round 1 by port allocation. The Round 2 order of performance is based on sequence of places (from the first to the last) taken on the first day.

2.4. The Contest timetable:

18 October 2014. Round 1 that includes two sessions. Participants perform classic and pop pieces. Each performance of first and second session is publicly rated by jury panel from one to ten. Participants are placed in accordance to their total rates following the results of the first Contest day.

19 October 2014. Round 2 is dedicated to the memory of Muslim Magomaev. Participants appear according to their places taken on the first day (from 15th to 1st) and perform two songs from M. Magomaev’s repertoire (classics in first session and pop in second session).

2.5. Each member of jury panel of the Muslim Magomaev International Vocalists Contest has one vote at every poll. The members of jury panel must rate a participant publicly from 1 to 10 after his/her performance. The jury panel chairman may give one additional point to every participant.

Points obtained in Round 1 and Round 2 aren`t summed up, and winners (places from 1st to 3rd) are determined according to the results.

Where two or more participants obtain equal result, the jury panel determines the order of places by common resolution after consultation.

2.6. Eligible participants take part in two rounds of the Contest but jury panel may cancel future performance of any participant if necessary.

2.7. A solemn awarding procedure is conducted at the end of the second day.

2.8. All participants must take part in concluding gala concert free of charge.

2.9. Mandatory conditions of the Contest as follows:

participants and members of jury panel give their consent to audio and video recording of the Contest by the Muslim Magomaev Musical and Cultural Heritage Fund and/or mass media, including broadcast on radio/TV of either live Contest or any audiovisual works based on the Contest record or future distribution of the Contest record/audiovisual works on any storage devices or any other usage of the Contest record, providing no payment to participants or members of jury panel.

participants agree that the Muslim Magomaev Musical and Cultural Heritage Fund is exclusively entitled to make with third persons any contracts on engagement of participants in any special projects relating to the Contest.


3. Prizes and Awards


3.1. The Organizing Committee of the Muslim Magomaev International Vocalists Contest announces the following prizes:

Grand Prix – USD 30 000,00 and award winner title

1st prize – Gold Medal, USD 25 000,00 and award winner title;

2nd prize – Silver Medal, USD 15 000,00 and award winner title;

3rd prize – Bronze Medal, USD 10 000,00 and award winner title.

3.2. Money prizes are paid in Russian rubles according to the exchange rate established by the Central Bank of Russia on the date of payment subject to deduction of taxes under applicable legislation of the Russian Federation.

3.3. Depending on results of participants and within the total prize amount specified in clause 3.1 hereof jury panel may:

a) award only some prizes;

b) share prizes among participants.

3.4. Decisions of jury panel are final and not subject to revision.

3.5. Governmental and noncommercial organizations, associations of creative professionals, mass media, institutions and companies may establish special and additional prizes upon approval of the Organizing Committee and jury panel.


4. The Program of the Contest


Round I:

à) aria from any opera, cantata or oratorio of Russian or West European composers selected by a participant;

b) popular pop song selected by a participant (premiere performance allowed).


Round II:

à) any aria from operas performed by Muslim Magomaev (Eugene Onegin by P.I.Tchaikovsky, the Tsar’s Bride by N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, Rigoletto, Aida and Otello by D. Verdi, Tosca by Puccini, the Barber of Seville by D. Rossini, Faust by C. Gounod, Pagliacci and Zaza by R. Leoncavallo, Carmen by G. Bizet, the Marriage of Figaro and Don Jiovanni by W.A. Mozart, the Prince Igor by A. Borodin, the Sah Ismayil by M.Magomaev) or a Neapolitan song;

b) pop song from Muslim Magomaev’s repertoire (any aria from western musicals or popular pieces of foreign authors).




a) any performance during each round shall not exceed 10 minutes;

b) every piece must be performed by heart on original language;

c) every single piece may be performed during one round only;

d) vocal parts from any opera, cantata or oratorio written for a specific type of voice must be performed in original scale only;

e) eligible participant of the Contest must provide, if required by the Organizing Committee, the orchestral score and voice data of his/her selected pieces.


5. Organizational and Financial Conditions of the Contest


5.1. The Organizing Committee of the Contest will pay travel and accommodation expenses of participants residing outside Moscow during their participation in the Contest (economy class travel to Moscow and back, hotel, local transportation).

5.2. Having obtained the Contest invitation, every eligible foreign participant shall procure a visa himself by application to the consular organizations of Russia. Visa shall be valid from 11th to 20th October 2014.

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