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Regulations of VI Muslim Magomaev International Vocalists Contest

VI Muslim Magomaev International Vocalists Contest is scheduled for the 23th and 24th of April 2021 at the following venues:
The Vegas City Hall concert hall - Round 1 located at 12 Mezhdunardnaya Str., Krasnogorsk, the Krasnogorsk district, the Moscow Region 143402, and
The Crocus City Hall - Round 2 (final) located at Mezhdunarodnaya Str., Krasnogorsk, the Krasnogorsk district, the Moscow Region 143402.
The Muslim Magomaev International Vocalists Contest is organized by the Muslim Magomaev Musical and Cultiral Heritage Fund (INN 5024111774, OGRN 1105000001810).
The Muslim Magomaev International Vocalists Contest (hereinafter “the Contest”) is a festival of vocalists capable of demonstrating their skill in both classical and pop vocal performance. The Contest is open to professional singers, men and women from ages 20 to 35, who are alumni of specialized music education institutions or undergraduates of musical institutes and colleges. Prospective participants should file an application along with video and documents specified in clause 1.1 hereof to the Organizing Committee.
Following the results of preliminary audition and qualification, the Organizing Committee of the contest selects up to 15 artists and invites them to take part in the Moscow Contest.
Leading principal opera singers, stars of popular music, music theatre conductors and stage directors and representatives of international production companies are invited to join the Contest jury panel.
The Contest consists of two rounds.
The Contest is held at the Vegas City Hall for Round 1, and the Crocus City Hall for Round 2 (final), with the support of a symphony orchestra. Every Contest performance must consist of live vocals and symphonic background. Any sound records are strictly disallowed.
The final of the contest is staged like a grand show.

1. Terms and Conditions of the Contest
1. Filing of Application
1.1. Complete an online application on the Fund website in Russian or in English
1.2. In Sections 14 and 15 list 3 (three) pieces that will be performed as a part of the contest    programme (as agreed upon with the Organizing Committee)
1.3. For the preliminary selection you must provide two or three classical academic vocals and two or three pop songs recorded on or after October 2019. It must be a stationary recording of each entire piece without interruptions and must display the full image of the vocalist as viewed by the audience from the seating.
The unedited recording must be posted in YOUTUBE and references in Section 19 of the application (the quality of the post is the applicant’s responsibility).

    •  The required documents can be also personally delivered to the Organizing Committee at the following address: 8 Mezhdunarodnaya Str., Krasnogorsk, the Krasnogorsk district, Moscow Region 143401 (the Crocus City Mall, main reception), in which case the applicant must fill out the application in Attachment 1 to these Regulations.
    •  The contest Organizing Committee must receive your documents no later than September 15, 2020.


    •  The Contest participants are selected by an independent contest commission.
    • Each eligible contestant will receive an invitation from the Organizing Committee no later than December 22, 2020, which will specify the Contest arrival schedule.

2. The Contest Procedure.
2.1. Every eligible participant may have two orchestra supported rehearsals.

2.2. The Contest performance is public, and orchestra supported. Every piece of music must be performed by heart in the original language, and in one round only.

2.3. Order of performance is determined the day before Round 1 by a drawing. The Round 2 order of performance is a reverse sequence of Round 1 order of performance.
2.4. The Contest timetable:  

  • 23 April 2021. Round 1 (elimination). Round 1 consists of two sessions. Participants perform classic and pop pieces. Each performance in the first and the second session is openly rated from one to ten by jury panel. Participants are ranked in accordance to their total score following the results of the first Contest day. 
  • 24 April 2021. Round 2 (final). Round 2 is dedicated to the memory of Muslim Magomaev. Participants appear according to their places taken on the first day (see clause 2.3 of the Regulations). Two pieces shall be performed: the first session – classics, and the second session - pop (pieces from M. Magomaev’s repertoire). 

2.5. Each member of the jury panel of the Muslim Magomaev International Vocalists Contest has one vote at every poll. The members of the jury panel must rate a participant publicly on a scale from 1 to 10 after his/her performance. The jury panel chairman may give one additional point to every participant. 
Each round is evaluated individually. Points obtained in Round 1 and Round 2 are not summed up.
Winners (places from 1st to 3rd) are determined per the results of the second round. Where two or more participants obtain equal results, the jury panel determines the order of places by a joint decision after deliberation.
2.6. A solemn awarding procedure will take place at the end of the second day.
2.7. All participants must participate twice and free of charge in the Fund’s gala concert to be held shortly after the Contest.

2.8. A mandatory condition of the Contest: participants and jury members consent to audio and video recording of the Contest by the Muslim Magomaev Musical and Cultural Heritage Fund and/or mass media of either live Contest or any audiovisual works based on the Contest record or future distribution of the Contest record/audiovisual works on any storage devices or any other usege of the Contest record, providing no payment to participants or members of the jury panel. 
Participants agree that the Muslim Magomaev Musical and Cultural Heritage Fund has exclusive rights to enter into any agreements with the third party on engagement of participants in any special projects related to the Contest.

3. The Program of the Contest*
Round I: 
?) aria from an opera, cantata, or oratorio of Russian or West European composers selected by a participant;
b) popular pop song selected by a participant (premiere performance allowed).
Round II (final):
?) aria from operas, cantata, or oratorio by West European or Russian composers selected by participants;
b) pop song from Muslim Magomaev’s repertoire including any aria from western musicals or popular pieces of foreign authors (you can following the link: www.magomaev.info).
a) any performance during each round shall not exceed 10 minutes;
b) every piece must be performed by heart  in the original language;
c) every single piece may be performed during one round only;
d) vocal parts from any opera, cantata, or oratorio written for a specific type of voice must be performed in original scale only;
e) eligible participant of the Contest must provide, if required by the Organizing Committee, the orchestral score and voice data of his/her selected pieces.

4. Prizes and Awards 
4.1. The Organizing Committee of the Muslim Magomaev International Vocalists Contest announces the following prizes:

  • 1st prize – Gold Medal, USD 15 000 and award winner title;
  • 2nd prize – Silver Medal, USD 10 000 and award winner title;
  • 3rd prize – Bronze Medal, USD 5 000 and award winner title.

4.2. Money prizes are paid in rubles according to the exchange rate established by the Central Bank of Russia on the date of payment subject to deduction of taxes under applicable legislation of the Russian Federation.
4.3. Depending on the results of participants and within the total prize amount specified in clause 4.1 hereof jury panel may:

  • award only some prizes;
  • divide prizes between participants.

4.4. Decisions of the jury panel are final and not subject to revision.
4.5. Governmental and noncommercial organizations, associations of creative professionals, mass media, institutions and companies may establish special and additional prizes upon approval of the Organizing Committee and jury panel.

5. Organizational and Financial Conditions of the Contest
5.1. The Organizing Committee will pay travel and accommodation expenses of participants related to participation in the Contest during their stay in Moscow (economy class travel to Moscow and back, standard hotel accommodations based on double occupancy).

5.2. Having obtained the Contest invitation, every eligible foreign participant is responsible for procuring a visa by applying to the consular organizations of the Russian Federation.
Visa shall be valid from the 19th to 26th of April 2021.

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